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26 May 2006

RPGCafe's forums are down for good. Why? Well, we got 'Little Boyed' and "Fat Maned'

If you can't figure out what those terms mean, look up World War II history. You can probably hazard a guess from there.

EDIT: Nevermind. Installed a brand new forum because apparently I am a glutton for punishment. You'll find the new link on top.

22 November 2005

So you're probably wondering like...oh god, what happened to RPGCafe? What is RPGCafe? Isn't this like the website that swears it'll be updated but never really is? Didn't it used to be Lucca's Role Playing Games Homepage at one point? Dude, what is with this fugly layout?

To those questions, all signs point to yes. At the moment, I can't really do anything beyond makin' the page look swanky and answer a few questions. Here we go...in FAQ format!

1. What is RPGCafe?

RPGCafe is/was a website dedicated to role playing games in the early days of the Internet (around 1996-1999). It covered RPGs, IRCRPGs (Tabletopish games played over Internet Relay Chat), had a lot of fanfiction, a radio station, and generally tried to be the best fan-run site on the Internet. The owner, Lucca, got burnt out during college and the site was put on indefinite hold. Today, it's still a portal for IRCRPGs and features a message board and an IRC channel named in its honor!

RPGCafe also hosts websites! Read further to see how you can park your website on RPGCafe! *winkwinknudgenudge*

2. Who is this 'Lucca' person?

That'd be me. My real name is Niki Dinner (said just like the meal). I'm in my mid-twenties and I'm an aspiring teacher. I currently substitute teach kindergartners through eighth graders. I've been on the net since 1996, when Bob Roark's Squaresoft Page (who remembers that? :D) was still popular and RPGamer was known as the Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage. I ran 'Lucca's Role Playing Games Homepage', which morphed to RPGCafe, for roughly 2 1/2 -3 years. During this time I also GMed in two IRC Role Playing Games - Chrono Trigger IRCRPG and VayRPG. I went to college in Portland, Oregon, receiving a B.A. in English. I then returned to California to get a multi-subject teaching credential. To this day, I'm still a lover of all things RPG. I play console RPGs, mostly, but I also am an avid player in IRCRPGs.Many of the IRCRPGs I've been a part of have websites on this very site!

I also used to be a fan-fiction writer, and even had a stint as the head of fan-fiction over at RPGamer, but the lack of time pretty much has reduced me to just reading really good fanfics.

3. Can I host my website on RPGCafe?

Absolutely! Check the link 'website/email hosting' on the top of the page for more information.

4. OMG YOU SOLD OUT! :( You're not a fan site anymore?

We are! We just do web hosting on the side. Everyone wins!

5. What does the future hold for RPGCafe?

That depends, really. Eventually I'd like to redo the layout (it's temporary and minimalist at best), but my knowledge of CSS is limited! Hey, if you want to help, I'll give you a free web account as payment! See, incentive! :D

I'm thinking of making this a blog/review site currently, but that may change over time. I'm also considering a podcast! The site probably will never be a fanfiction hub again, since FanFiction.net sort of fills that need.


Thanks for visiting RPGCafe.net! Enjoy!