Status Effect Summary - VayRPG

By Nicole Dinner
Using Middle Ground Battle System ver. 2.0
Based on Hahn's Middle ground IRC RPG System
Updated to 2.0 by Timothy Lanza
Status Effect Summary Page idea inspired by Timothy Lanza.

A confused individual cannot control their actions, and will perform a random action on a random target as long as the spell is in effect. This means that both allies and enemies are targeted. Items will not be used during one's confusion, but magic can be used regardless of MP. Confuse may wear off in a number of rounds depending on the Effectiveness of the spell. Will automatically wear off at the end of the battle. Can be cured by a low level status heal (Vilkyss) or a mandacore.

A victim of poison will take damage each round with the first round being based on the Effectiveness of the attack. The second round will inflict double damage, the third triple, and so on, until the character's HP drops to zero =).  Magic, an item, or the characters death cures poison status. In some cases the Poison effect may persist after combat, however this is rare. Can be cured by a low level status heal (Vilkyss) or a mandacore.

If you're KOed, then your HP has dropped to zero and you're DEAD! =) In this condition, you cannot move, attack, cast spells, or talk. After all, you're dead! A KOed character usually is revived with 1 HP after a battle, unless the GM says they don't...due to plot, of course! Can be cured by a low level status heal (Vilkyss) or a mandacore.

In this condition, characters fall into a deep slumber and cannot move, attack, cast spells, or talk. Can only be cured by receiving a direct attack from an enemy or ally. Sleep will wear off after the battle.

Suffers of Paralysis cannot move, fight, or cast spells. In some instances, they cannot talk. A low level status heal (Vilkyss) or a mandacore will cure the effects of this status ailment. Usually wears off after the battle. Will last for a certain number of rounds, depending on effectiveness.

In this condition, the victim cannot talk...therefore they are unable to cast spells. The duration of this spell is dependent of effectiveness. Will wear off after a battle. Can be cured by a low level heal (Vilkyss) or a mandacore.

Characters unlucky enough to be afflicted with this condition are blinded and their sight is, obviously, diminished. Their dodge% and hit% will drop to 0 and they'll have a much harder time attacking enemies. This effect DOES NOT WEAR OFF AFTER A BATTLE! It can only be cured by a second level heal spell (Vigor) or eye drops. Because of the fact blindness does
not wear off after a battle, blindness is a much more deadly status effect than in other RPGs. ^_^

The character will turn into a giant stone statue, and be unable to attack, cast magic, talk, or move. This spell is very similar to death, except that the player's HP isn't zero. They can be attacked in this form, however, and receive damage. If their HP drops to zero in this state, they shatter, and only a level three status spell can restore them (Revive). Normally, however, a level one status spell (Vilkyss) or a mandacore will save them. This status effect will not wear off after combat.

Characters with this status woe have the reaper hanging over their head! The said character has a certain number of rounds, depending on effectiveness, before the reaper swipes them down, dropping their HP to zero! Can be cured by a level two status spell (Vigor) or a Holy Cross.

This truly devastating spell causes the body to fester and weaken. The first assault will drop the characters overall level down five. For each additional round one suffers with this affliction, they'll drop down another five levels, and so on, until it reaches level 1.  Once the player is cured, their levels return to normal instantly. Can be healed by a level two status spell (Vigor) or Shining Water. Will wear off at the end of the battle.

Frenzied characters will be so engulfed with anger that they cannot control their actions. Similar to confusion, but with subtle differences. The characters attack power will increase by 1/4th, however, they are unable to use any magic, items, or perform their own actions! This spell could truly be disastrous if it was cast on the entire party at the same time. Can be cured by a level 3 status spell (Restore), or death.

By far the most devastating spell in VayRPG, and thankfully, the most rare. This affliction is more or less mind control, where the enemy has complete control over the characters body, and can have that said character do whatever he desires. This spell will not wear off until the enemy is defeated. It can only be healed by...well...death. ^^;

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